Terre d'Azur

General Meeting Minutes

On October 13, 2020, Terre d’Azur held its annual general meeting. The agenda included :

  • Approval of the moral report
  • Approval of the financial report and approval of the financial statements for the fiscal year ended 12/31/19
  • Vote on the provisional budget
  • Presentation of the actions for the year 2019
  • 2020 projects postponed to 2021.
  • Miscellaneous issues

Jeanne Meslier de Rocan and Michèle Terrisse, a tribute was paid to Dr. Francis Veillon, former president of Terre d’Azur, who died on 10 October 2020. In addition, we thanked Mr. Pierre Aschéri, Mayor of Mouans-Sartoux, for his presence at the General Assembly and for his confidence in our association.

Ethical report

The following points were discussed during the general assembly :

  • The support of the municipality of Mouans Sartoux, renewed again at the Assembly by the speech of the Mayor, Pierre Aschéri, who also recalls the dedication of Georges Vallette, vice-president of the association.
  • The local press: the Mouansois, Nice Matin and the special # We
  • Radio Azur (Philippe Muller)
  • The Facebook page with the announcement of all the events
  • The creation of the new site:
  • As a result of the requested partnership with the Ministry of Health, Terre d’Azur is an official NGO recognized by the government.
  • All activities and actions carried out by the association throughout the year :
    • Loto
    • 1 sale in the aisles
    • 2 sales followed by destocking at the local in Mouans Sartoux
    • Jewelry sale to Marie Galante
    • The daily involvement of the “little hands” who tidy up the premises, sort and ensure the organization of the various events.
  • The participation of local populations in Africa
  • La participation des populations locales en Afrique
    • The good maintenance of the dental practice in Ahépé and the ophthalmic equipment
    • Excellent collaboration with local agents ++ with the efficient support of Dr. Nasser Assih.
  • Missions carried out in 2019: 2 in Togo and 1 in Senegal.
  • The realization of the water project in Kpomé thanks to the 1% municipal water rate

The moral report was unanimously approved by the assembly.

Missions and actions carried out in 2019

The various missions carried out during the year 2019 were presented at the general meeting:

  • Senegal – October 2019 (Dr. Alain YUNG)
  • Togo – May 2019 & October 2019 (Drs Michel BELTRAN, Benjamin BUTET, Jérôme COUZI, Zoé GERARD-HIRNE and Jacques PAYAN; Mrs Hélène FERNANDEZ and Mr Joseph KHAYAT): details of each site and surgical activity (Tsévié and Afagnan Hospital)
  • Completion of the water project in Kpomé, next to the dispensary.

Projects and future

Due to the global health context, the 2020 missions have been cancelled but will be postponed to 2021. Two missions in Togo and one mission in Senegal are planned. Other topics were discussed such as the evolution of the association which seeks to develop new actions in the field of health with local authorities, health actors and the WHO. Finally, Dr. Sacha NAHON mentioned the changes made with the new version of the Terre d’Azur website.


As every year, the Terre d’Azur association would like to thank its benefactors and particularly its institutional and historical support:

  • Mr. Aschieri, Mayor of Mouans Sartoux, who honored us with his presence, as well as the members of his Municipal Council.
  • Mr Serge Munoz CEO of Frédéric M
  • Cannes Hospital
  • Ms. Monique Rémy
  • Le Mouansois
  • Nice Matin # NOUS

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