Going on a mission with Terre d’Azur

How does a mission with Terre d’Azur go?


Terre d’Azur organizes multidisciplinary care missions in the health structures of villages that request it. The missions generally take place over a period of 15 days. In all cases, the team is composed of general practitioners and nurses. It can be supplemented according to the local needs of dental surgeons and physiotherapists. In some cases, over time, multidisciplinary surgical teams (Ophthalmology, ENT, Orthopaedics, Visceral Surgery) have been able to supplement our staff and intervene on patients detected in Hospitals with which we have agreements.

Our main activity is the so-called “fairground medicine”. We welcome all patients. We ask for complementary examinations if they are necessary and possible. The prescribed treatments come from the pharmacy we have provided with medicines. We pay particular attention in the choice of our prescriptions so that they can be easily renewed in the case of chronic pathologies. The prescription must be accompanied by clear explanations, during which we try to provide therapeutic education.

Certain pathologies justify hospitalisation, or even an operation that Terre d’Azur pays for financially. All activity is carried out in partnership with local healthcare teams. It is these teams who assist us, help us, sometimes advise us and who will ensure the follow-up of patients after our departure. We remain in permanent contact with the dispensaries throughout the year, which allows us to maintain a professional and emotional link with the local caretakers and thus perpetuate our action.