Medical Humanitarian Association

Created in 1990 by a group of doctors, Terre d’Azur is a Humanitarian Association with a medical vocation, governed by the Law of July 1901. Its aim is to help underprivileged populations regardless of any political, religious, ethnic or other considerations.

In agreement with the local authorities and associations that request it, Terre d’Azur carries out consistent and coherent work to improve living conditions and make the populations it helps more autonomous.


The 4 objectives of Terre d'Azur


It means organizing multidisciplinary medical consultations during missions.
It means diagnosing, treating and referring patients, but also assessing the health status of the population.
It also means financing the treatment of the most serious cases in partnership with the competent local hospitals.


It means working in close collaboration with the local Health Agents who become true relays for the association throughout the year, outside of our missions.
It also means harmonizing our care protocols and training in new techniques not yet acquired locally.


It’s raising families’ awareness of hygiene and prevention.
It means teaching patients to do their own basic care while respecting the proposed protocols.
It means helping to create vegetable gardens for a diversified diet.
It means encouraging the creation and use of latrines.


It is to finance the construction or renovation of health huts, dispensaries and maternity wards enabling health workers to enhance the value of their work in the interest of the population.
It means collecting, storing, transporting and installing medical equipment.
It also means promoting access to water and electricity for dispensaries.

Terre d’Azur’s activities

An activity centred around missions


Terre d’azur’s multidisciplinary teams intervene in the dispensaries where their presence is requested. They travel with medical equipment and medicines.
The most severe pathologies are referred to the local hospitals where our surgeons intervene and are financed through collaboration agreements established with Terre d’Azur.

In the field

In the continuity of our medical action, we are involved in the setting up of equipment to improve sanitary conditions in the villages: drilling of wells and water supply, latrines and vegetable garden to diversify the food supply (for breastfeeding women and young children).


The association has premises in Mouans-Sartoux where the material to be brought on mission and the objects to be sold to finance its actions are stored.
It is open every Saturday to members and friends. We regularly organize sales, lottery, parties, conferences to make known our action, our objectives and projects. The local and regional press regularly reports on our actions.

Terre d’Azur in numbers

A mission with Terre d'Azur, it's on average




Surgical operations




Places for consultations

Events of the association

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Support Terre d’Azur


You can help us to strengthen the training of local caregivers, develop preventive actions and care for the poor during our missions. Each mission is a new challenge. All donations are allocated to on-site care, purchase and transport of the equipment necessary for surgeons, doctors, dentists, nurses and paramedics to carry out their mission.

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