2019 Annual General Meeting Report

On 04 April 2019, the general assembly of the association took place at the Château de Mouans-Sartoux.

  • Number of members: 112
  • Number of members present: 28
  • Number of powers: 29
  • Total number of members present or represented: 57
  • The quorum being reached, the general meeting can validly deliberate.


  • Approval of the moral report
  • Approval of the financial report and approval of the accounts for the year ended 31/12/18
  • Vote on the provisional budget
  • Presentation of actions for 2018
  • Elections of the Board of Directors
  • Miscellaneous Issues

The session started at 8:00 p.m.
Dr Jeanne Meslier de Rocan was designated Chairman of the meeting.
Is appointed secretary of the meeting : Michèle Terrisse


(Dr. Jeanne Meslier de Rocan)

Highlighting the following points :

  • Various supports and partnerships: the municipality of Mouans-Sartoux, Frédéric M, with the last container this year, Prof. Boileau and his congress the Nice Shoulder Course.
  • The Bach Trio and its concert in homage to Lucien Galliano for the benefit of Terre d’Azur
  • The local press: Le Mouansois, Nice Matin and the special #We
  • Radio Azur (Philippe Muller)
  • The participation of local populations in Africa:
    • The sustainability of the canteen in Denou with local participation of women
    • The perpetuation of the garden in Ahépé, to fight against malnutrition, taken over by Fabrice the new major, following the departure of the midwife.
    • The good maintenance of the dental practice in Ahépé and the ophthalmic equipment
    • Excellent collaboration with local agents ++ with the effective support of Dr. Nasser Assih.
  • All the activities and actions carried out by the association throughout the year:
    • Loto
    • 1 sale in the aisles
    • 2 sell-offs followed by destocking at the premises in Mouans Sartoux
    • Sale of jewellery to Marie Galante
    • Sale of perfumes
    • Personal initiatives: Pascale’s action to Marie Galante (sale of plants from her nursery)

The moral report is unanimously approved by the assembly.


(Dr. Michèle Terrisse)

The accounts for the financial year 2018, ending on 31/12/2018, are presented to the general meeting in their details as well as the provisional budget.

The financial report is approved unanimously by the assembly.
The provisional budget is approved unanimously by the Assembly.


  • Senegal in May 2018 by Dr. Palléri.
  • Togo in October 2018 with focus on each mission site and on surgical, ORL and ophthalmologic activity at Afagnan Hospital and Tsévié Hospital.
  • Rigorous follow-up of patients at the Tsévié CHR.
  • Completion of the water project in Ahépé, next to the dispensary in the school yard.
  • Empowerment of the “women’s garden”.


  • Missions to be planned.
  • The start of work on the second water project in the Notse district of Ahépé.
  • The partnership with the Cannes hospital.
  • And with the local authorities in Togo.
  • The evolution of Terre d’Azur, which seeks to develop new actions in the field of health with local authorities, health actors and the WHO.


  • Mr Aschieri, Mayor of Mouans Sartoux, who honoured us with his presence, as well as the members of his Municipal Council.
  • Mr Serge Munoz, CEO of Frédéric M
  • Hospital of Cannes and hospital of Grasse in early 2018 for donation of equipment
  • Ms. Monique Rémy
  • Lions Club Cannes Europe
  • Le Mouansois
  • Nice Matin #NOUS
  • Radio Azur (Philippe Muller)


All candidates shall be elected unanimously.

  • Beltran Michel
  • Boulas Annick
  • Corradini Nicole
  • Couzi Jérôme
  • Des Moutis Isabelle
  • Fernandez Hélène
  • Khayat Joseph
  • Meslier de Rocan Jeanne
  • Rémy Monique
  • Terrisse Michèle
  • Vallette Georges
  • Yung Alain


  • Meslier de Rocan Jeanne : PRESIDENT
  • Vallette Georges : VICE-PRESIDENT
  • Des Moutis Isabelle : ASSISTANT SECRETARY
  • Terrisse Michèle : TREASURER

There being no further business, the sitting is adjourned at 10 p.m.
Signature of the president Dr Meslier de Rocan.

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